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We need more time…

Last week my employer came up to me, asking, when I am going to leave my job. There have been some changes in the hospital I work with and my part-time job needs to be replaced by a full-time job. In 2006 I need to go, he told me.

Independent of that I was wondering one week earlier how we will manage to prepare everything for leaving the country in August 2006. There is so much to do. Currently nearly all of my time of the week is consumed by work and study. But we need to start our fund-raising tour, raise more team members, deal with the formalities etc. Last not least we need to be prepared spiritually, by literature, prayer, and plannings. So we need a solution to get more time.

Today I agreed with the CEO of the clinic that I will go not later than June 30th. If possible I’d like to go as soon as possible in order to head full-time into our new task, but it depends on our support.

We pray that God may provide a solution. We appreciate and need your prayers too! Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Marcus for the privilege of following you in this adventure. You are heading out to Gothenburg this week and our prayers go with you.
    It is great to see — though certainly very nerve racking to experience — how you are being put in a place of total dependence upon the Lord for your needs and the timing of everything.
    Blessings… ted

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