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One month left…

April 30th will be our deadline. If we’ll have 75% – we’ll go. If not – we need to postpone our move to Sweden to summer 2007.

We’ve been travelling around a lot over the last weeks and months. We’ve visited churches, given speeches and seminars, have talked a lot. We are very happy to see that people are very interested in our matter and like talking about it. Both our prayer support and financial support increases permanently.

Last month our pledges increased by 15%. Thank God for that. Altogether we’ve arrived at some 44% until now. I think that‘ quite encouraging since we are doing a job like this for just 4 months. On the other hand we start thinking about „plan B“. What if our pledges won’t increase by 30% within next month? There are some open questions, e.g. how and where could we be employed in order to stay in the social system.

We’d be happy if you would keep praying for us! Give thanks to what God has done so far and ask him to provide what’s still missing!

Thank you so much!

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    Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

  2. Anonym Anonym

    Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

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