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my English speaking friends about my inability to translate each post into English right now. It’s just too much to do as I am writing about matters going on deep, very deep in my heart right now. Once I found words for it in my mother tongue – which is not easy either – I am simply done. It’s like a relieve to have it said, and then I need to leave it for a while. This does not mean I want to exclude my CA friends or other international readers. I know you are there and from where in the world you’re hitting my blog. I really have an open heart. No secrets. WYSIWYG, I never was able to hide or pretend something. So if you want to know just give me a call and I’ll be happy to tell you. In English. Or Swedish if you prefer. I do not publish my phone number here. You’ll figure it out. If you want. God bless you brother. And sister. There will be a time when I’ll translate again. Probably soon.

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